Why is Architecture Significant?

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It all starts…

Architecture is a resource, method of design and innovative construction. It holds the dynamic and complex powerful opportunities for impact. It has the ability to have the influential ties to financial, political and socioeconomic matters. These relationships can be advanced upon to curate a beneficial design exchange. My deep desire is to design pathways to empower those who abide and stand aside them. Architecture can serve to be a myriad of solutions to earth’s many needs. Architecture embodies community, sustainability and development.


I come from a background within financial, community and economic development through various internships, education and occupations. The spark started for me in seeing the process of my own city’s development from both a micro and macro level, there was one that connected to it all – architecture. This was significant in its historical development and districts as well as for its works for a new city skyline to come. Urbanism is defined as, “The study of how inhabitants of urban areas interact with the built environment.” The simple act of playing a tangible role in the evolution of a location, place of dwelling or foundation is something I believe to be the most powerful. The interaction between physical diagram with its civic sociology is a magnificent force.


Architects create, restore or rebuild many of life’s facets – from short term to long term. They lay a framework for future generations to come. They are able to curate artifacts that align with the world’s essentials of social, economic and ecological sustainability. They not only allow communities to advance but also the earth by its very nature. Architects can take a professional approaches towards global obstacles such as pollution, welfare and health. They can reach for a smarter and healthier way of life for earth’s populations. This is evident within nearly almost all subsects of the field but specifically within landscape, industrial and research architecture. Not only within the green world, architecture impacts safety issues in regards of extremities in earth’s complexion.


In addition, architecture breeds community through its ingenious environment.  With its multitude of functions, uses and purposes it enables connections to happen. These connections can be seen within its culture and experiences that transpire in it. In itself this field is a visual and physical story that allows other stories to happen. Through its concrete craftsmanship it captivates those around it to enter new perspectives. Alongside the cultural aspect, it even delivers educational experiences to the public eye’s curiosity.  At the same time it is seen on a grander scale through municipal infrastructure to meet the social patterns of humanities.  


To conclude, architecture is the outlet in which I will be able to combine my perspective alongside my skillset. This serves to be a catalyst for me to be able to actively pursue my social, economic and political responsibilities with intentions for an advanced future. Studio First is where I will be able to seek the origin of my providence through the  combination of design and further education.